Thursday, April 04, 2013


I thought that a kidney stone was painful. Well, it was, but at least there wasn't a true wound.

OK, this is primarily a food about wounds isn't usually on the menu. Still, on occasion I just let you know what is going on in my life, even if it isn't food related. This is one of those times.

There has been no blogging going on because most of my attention has been toward keeping the usual stuff rolling during Sweetie's healing period. He had a run-in with a table saw just a little over a week ago. He still has all his fingers, but a couple of them were injured enough for a visit to the ER, stitches, x-rays, dressings, visits to the hand surgeon (who didn't actually need to do any surgery! Yay!), and the hand OT, too. He is doing better every day and can now drive. Guess who has been doing all the shopping, laundry, cleaning and most of the cooking? Not Sweetie.

Hope to be back to posting food again soon. In the meantime I am counting our blessings; that his injuries weren't worse, that we have supportive friends and family, and that my health improved just in time. I hope recent history is no par for the course for getting old. Too many medical problems. Time to just be healthy and enjoy the wonders of spring, like the beautiful magnolia in the photo.

Happy spring dear reader.


  1. We're glad to hear that he's healing well. Hope to see you both soon.

  2. Helen Guy10:13 AM

    So glad it wasn't worse!