Thursday, May 09, 2013

Heading for the Humid

It's been rainy in Northern Virginia this week, so I know things will be very green and smell wonderful and walking outside may be a bit like taking a shower with your clothes on...the wonders of the DC area humidity. Still, it is for a good party that I'm headed that way, so I won't complain. With luck Mark the Man will be dispensing adult beverages with lots of ice that will make the humidity seem unimportant.

While I'm off partying, be sure to check out the Bread Baking Babes on the 16th (in a week) for a new and wonderful bread.

If you've planted a garden like I have, give those new starts plenty of water (unless you, too, have been having rainy weather). Sweetie is going to water my seedlings and flowers. Pi is going to chase the wild turkeys away so they don't eat the plants. By the time I'm back we may have young, tender zucchini to eat!

So, why am I leaving in May when the garden calls my name? Because it is a special birthday for a super special Mom. Happy Birthday Mom!!

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