Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold and Flu

In general I prefer not to whine, but today I'm going to. Very late on Saturday evening I came down with the stomach flu...the same bug that Sweetie succumbed to on Friday. Friday was also the beginning of our cold snap...a series of nights well below freezing that is still happening tonight and probably tomorrow, too. The combination has been interesting, but at least I have had an excellent excuse for staying home and in front of the gas fireplace, watching old episodes of The Good Wife and reading books, plus sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. 

This had to happen, of course, during the most festive week before Christmas (except for Christmas week itself), so have cancelled a lunch and three parties with another possible cancellation on the weekend. Not much eating going on, no cooking and no blogging about food. OK, over my pity party now. 

I do hope that your week has been better, that you are having holiday fun and not too much cold, ice, snow or flu.

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  1. I know I'm not supposed to say so but snow outside and being forced to stay in in front of a fire with books and tea and a quilt or two (yes and tissues) sounds so nice right now! Hope you feel better soon!