Sunday, December 15, 2013

Seasonal Treats For You - Cookies

Still very little cooking or baking going on, but this is a good time to think about the holiday season and some of the recipes you might want to make for yourself, family and friends.

For starters, there are always Christmas Cookies. You might not want to bake sweet things to have in the house if you have little or no self-control as I do, but this is the season for indulgence. More importantly, it is the season for gifting. It never hurts to have a few choice cookies, already on a small paper plate and sealed into a plastic bag, ready to be given as a 'small token' gift. When your favorite mail carrier shows up at the door with a package, or a neighbor comes by and shovels you walk for you or helps you move something heavy or bring in the tree, you have something sweet to give them, along with your thanks. Any of the cookies mentioned in this post will make a nice addition to such a plate.

Christmas Cookies also make great gifts for friends and family who have no time to bake. That's probably quite a few of the people you know. You don't have to tell them that cookies like slice-and-bake Santa's Whiskers or speedy bar cookies like

Raspberry Cookie Bars and

 Nut and Cranberry Shortbread Cookies didn't take you long to make. Let them think you slaved over them for hours in the kitchen!

Some cookies do take some time and care, like

  Macarons, those delicate and delicious French sandwich cookies.

Pfeffernuesse need to be made ahead, but are worth the wait.

Some cookies become a family tradition.

In my family those include my Mom's Crescent Cookies,

my favorite Swedish Ginger Cookies

and my daughter's favorite Santa's Whiskers.

 Does your family have one or two favorite cookies you always make for Christmas?

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  1. all looking very yummy. The one your daughter loves, looks extra Christmassy!!