Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lots of Fruit

What would you make if you had some really nice fresh apricots, ripe and fragrant and about the size of a tennis ball? How about ripe, sweet and juicy strawberries? Firm, dusky blueberries? Fat sweet dark red cherries? I have some of all of those from a local farm stand in my kitchen right now and the first of the ollaliberries are going to be ripe within the week. I don't use a lot of jam or jelly except for making cookies at Christmas, so it has to be something else. We do eat lots of fruit fresh and with no preparation other than a quick wash and removal of stems or stem end leaves or inedible peels in the case of mangoes.

If you have a recipe to go with your suggestion, that would be excellent! Don't want the fruits of spring and early summer to come and go without some fun cooking and baking!


  1. Pavlova with a mountain of cream and fresh berries. Drizzle over a little coulis or glaze when serving too.

    A summer trifle with layers of sponge, fruit and custard.
    Lightly cook the berries and make a

    summer pudding, soaking the bread slices in a little of the juice first.

    Lightly cook into a compote and serve with cold rice pudding or yoghurt and scones, or over pancakes

    Oh I want some summer fruits! Its still wet, cold and miserable here - not June weather at all.

  2. Katie, those all sound good, but I especially like the trifle and the compote with cold rice pudding. I never think to make rice pudding, but I do like it very much. Thanks for all the ideas!