Monday, January 05, 2015

Fine Clementine Slices

Continuing with post without actual recipes, today we have directions for a wonderful little dessert or snack, perfect for winter because the main ingredient is clementine or tangerine segments. This treat is brought to you by my wonderful daughter. Not sure where she discovered this combination, but she made up a few trays of these for our post-Christmas gathering.

First you divide your clementine or tangerine into segments. She carefully removed all traces of pith and thin white strings on the segment membranes, leaving nice and pretty segments. Then she dried them and laid them out in rows on parchment paper which was laid on baking sheets.

In a microwave proof bowl she melted enough chocolate chips to coat the ends of each. One at a time she dipped the end in the warm chocolate, then set each segment on the parchment. Before the chocolate had time to dry, she sprinkled on just a bit of sea salt of the finishing salt variety. The segments dried and then were enjoyed by all. Since she dipped quite a few, I do know that she reheated the chocolate a few times in the microwave to keep it liquid.

I would imagine that you could do the same thing with orange segments, but I can tell you that the smaller clementine segments treated this way were a delight to indulge in.

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