Sunday, January 04, 2015

What New Year?

Whoops! Looks like I missed the opportunity to do a review of the blog posts of 2014 and to welcome in the New Year of 2015. Late wishes still count, right?

Happy New Year!

Perhaps I'm just resisting getting into the second half of this decade, but I have another post related to 2014. That wonderful rum cake that the Cake Slice Bakers made has another chapter here at my house. Not only did I make the cute pecan and cherry decorated little rum cuties, but I also baked a round layer with the rest of the batter. It has been languishing in my fridge, waiting for it's turn.

Last night Sweetie and I had a healthy meal of stir fried veggies over rice, with a little duck thrown in for protein. Since it was mostly veggies I felt that we could have a more decadent dessert. Anyone for a dressed up rum cake with tropical overtones?

The slices of rum cake (single layer) were topped with a scoop of rum raisin ice cream, then I layered on some bananas that I had warmed in a little butter and brown sugar. On top of that I scattered cubes of fresh pineapple. It was a great combination! No recipe, but I'll bet you could duplicate it without problem if you bake the rum cake.

This is the last of the 2014 related recipes, so soon there will be a whole new year of yummy food.

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  1. That looks amazing. A caramalised banana and rum cake, you can't go wrong!