Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birthday Greetings

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I like to celebrate birthdays. It is the day that the world welcomed a new person. Today, many years ago, the world welcomed my Mom as that new person. This is the first birthday where she won't be in the world to celebrate with us, cards lined up on the mantle, strawberry shortcake with candles, smiles all around.

Still, there is another tradition for celebrating those who have passed into the next life. A toast is raised (often with Irish Mist or Irish whiskey) to the person. Since her family and friends are spread out over a long distance, the toast follows the sun across the sky. I'll be toasting Mom at 5 pm my time, probably gazing over her favorite view from the back deck. Since at least some of you know her and some of you have read about her here, you are welcome to join the celebration.

I had hoped to write a tribute to go along with the invitation, but I'm finding it hard to keep from sobbing. Too little time has passed since she died to make it easy to write about her.

Know that she was an amazing woman, she brought amazing people into the world as a mother, she loved them and their partners and children and grandchildren well, and loved her own Dad, Mom, brother and sisters and cousins well, she contributed to her community and church, and loved my Dad most of all. Guess that isn't too bad of a tribute after all.

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. May her memory continue to be a blessing, my friend. We'll definitely be raising a glass (of apple cider) with you tonight.

  2. Thanks Tanita! Apple cider is an excellent libation for celebration Mine ended up being a smoothie instead of bourbon. It's all good.

  3. Next Sister Down2:15 PM

    I had a mojito made with mint from the farm where I'm participating in a CSA share program this year. I was at the farm yesterday afternoon picking strawberries and thinking of her. She and Dad used to come meet me at a commercial berry farm not far from the CSA farm, and we would pick strawberries together. I remember well the wonderful fragrance of berries in the air and the fun of picking ripe, juicy berries--having a full box but unable to stop because look at that bunch over there, and then those! It was like that yesterday, and the memory was as sweet as the fruit.

  4. NSD, that sounds like a fragrant and sweet way to remember. Bet there will be shortcake this weekend using those strawberries!