Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Time To Remember

I know that today is Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday, but for me the day is special because I'm remembering my mom, who died just a year ago today.

I come from a large siblings!...and they are all handling the memories and sense of loss in different ways today, and so am I. I did a Facebook post and shared an e-mail round robin with family. I made sure that as many siblings as possible had mom's signature cookie, crescent cookies with powdered sugar coating. They will be enjoyed with cocoa, tea, Irish Mist and any number of other libations. Tomorrow some family members who are gathering at my home for an early Christmas, as well as a late birthday, will get their crescents and we'll toast a wonderful Mom! You are missed Mother.


  1. Next Sister Down10:15 AM

    The crescents were a wonderful surprise. Thank you!

  2. I love that you have pictures of your mother's hands... always moving, always doing something, hands are so much the essence of a person, a mother especially.

  3. It seems that the crescents were welcome all around as I had hoped they would be. We had some last night right before Tenaya and Kate left our house and Terry went home with some, as did Tenaya. Next Sister Down, I referred to your comments from when I posted the crescents a few years ago before I made this year's batch. I think that helped me make them as authentic as possible. :)
    Tanita, you are so right. This picture of mom's hands adding the powdered sugar are so 'her'! I have another one of her shaping the crescents in my Comfort Foods cookbooks. Precious photos and memories. Hope that you have a wonderful holiday, along with Tech Boy and your family!