Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Fire Is Going....

It's still pretty chilly, but it feels like winter, which I love. With the tree up, a plate of cookies from friends, a bowl of mandarin oranges for snacking and a comfy chair pulled up near the gas fire, the long winter evening is a pleasure to enjoy. Want a cookie anyone? Some egg nog?


  1. Looks cozy!
    Still trying to warm up here; returned from a few days in SoCal to a smashed in back door and the house was 40 degrees! Fortunately, the heat was simply turned off, so we won't owe PG&E for that little visit by the neighborhood hoodlums (they stole a metronome, among other small things, and tossed it in the trash a couple of blocks away - the people returned it because some of D's insurance papers were inside, so they had an address. But CLEARLY they didn't know what it was/what they were doing, and we're grateful. Could've been so much worse). Here's to staying warm and eating more gingerbread!

  2. Oh, that's terrible.Could have been worse, but still...sorry that they invaded your home & glad that the neighbors returned the metronome. Most people don't know what they are, but they look cool....

    Trying to stay warm but hoping to stop scarfing Christmas goodies. Don't want to have to go pants shopping :)