Monday, February 15, 2016

Another Birthday Cake

One of the cool things about being a baker is that you can make just what you want for your own birthday. I did just that and was able to really enjoy a moist, fragrant chocolate Bundt cake that had a hint of bourbon. I made it with a combination of margarine and shortening so that the 'no dairy' fairy wouldn't rain on my parade, but otherwise mostly made it as described in this post.

For decoration I sifted some powdered sugar over the high points of the Bundt design and then my darling daughter added some bronze highlights to the sides using a food safe bronzing powder she brought from London. She sent me those roses, too. I'm a lucky woman.

Pretty and delicious and I used some duck eggs from our neighbors, so a little different that way, too. Didn't get a photo of it decorated with candles, but it was even prettier.

Trust me, if you ever need a cake for a chocolate lover, make this one!!

It really was the perfect ending to a great day...a private winery tour of White Rock Winery in Napa, the beautiful drive through green hills dotted with yellow mustard flowers to and from the winery, a down home supper  of Smokehouse BBQ, my slaw, and the cake for dessert. All four of us fit in Straight Shooter's vehicle so he took care of the driving and we were able to enjoy the ride!


  1. Happy birthday! Chocolate sounds like a fab way to celebrate. It's hard to see the bronzing powder in the pictures on such a dark cake; it's just to make things... bronze? Like, another version of "golden-brown delicious" as Alton Brown always says? I'm intrigued; hadn't heard of bronzing powder for baked goods.

  2. Hi Tanita! Yeah, you really can't see the bronzing in the photo, but it was pretty. I think mostly that she wanted to try it out. Have seen it used on cookies and truffles and macarons, etc. It gives sheen and some color and looks modern. This one is almost a copper color and she gave me a jar of silver, too. Will try that our next week. This week is absurdly full of commitments...good stuff and happy stuff, but still equals deadlines.
    Hope you and Tech Boy had a great Valentines Day!

  3. I think I could get off on this one too Pat! Gorgeous cake. Happy Day.