Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Ahead

Somehow my mind keeps combining leap year and the soon to arrive day when we spring ahead an hour to meet daylight savings time. It might be because I've been re-experiencing the colitis that troubled me for much of last year. That always wears me out, leaving me feeling a bit like a wet rag.

It might also be due to the unseasonable weather. We have been having spring or even summer weather lately and the iris in the photo above gives you an example of the outcome. Iris usually bloom here in another month or so. This one was found today, Leap Day, at the Luther Burbank Gardens.

There are also plenty of plum trees blooming, calla lilies, rosemary flowers and daffodils blooming. Love the flowers, but I'm troubled by the changes in weather.

Hope to have something baked to post soon.   XO, Elle


  1. We ordered more rain just for you.
    Here's hoping it comes in tonight's delivery...

  2. Yes, and more on Thursday, Friday, the weekend and onward!