Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On And Near The Seine

It may have been a bit breezy as we left the Musee D'Orsay but the sky was a bright blue and the sun was shining.

A perfect day to enjoy some time on the water. Just across the street from the museum we went down some stairs where there was a ticket booth on the right where we purchased tickets for a boat ride...a hop on-hop off kind of boat. I think this may have been Sweetie's favorite part about our Paris trip...well, besides the croissants...and I enjoyed it a lot, too.

You get a completely different impression of the city from the water, with bridges crossing overhead and with other boats pulled up at the banks.

As we approached Isle de la Cite you could see that it was an island. It looked a bit like the prow of a ship since the tip of the island sliced into the middle of the Seine. In the photo below it is on the left. The photo of Notre Dame is from the Seine, too.

 We got off near Notre Dame Cathedral and wandered the stalls that stretch alongside the river at street level. There are old books and prints and some postcards. Many stalls were closed since it was a weekday, but I'll bet on a weekend that the sellers are out there with lots of oddities to discover.

We crossed the street to a cafe for some lunch and it was very peaceful.

Sweetie had a little time to study the travel book I was hauling around. I thought it might help make Notre Dame and St. Chappelle more interesting to know a little about them before we got to them. I was enjoying the people strolling outside, both near the cafe and near the river.

Next up will be some photos of Notre Dame and St. Chapelle and I'll tell you about Tony. Next time.

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