Thursday, November 10, 2016

Truly On Vacation

We had started the morning of our first full day in France with Frances at the B and B. He joined us for conversation of the kind you get when neither speaks the other's language but you keep trying. First he served us a wonderful meal which included awesome jam he had made himself. The perfectly cooked soft boiled egg reminded me why I enjoy them so much. One of the pears was the kind that Alice Waters would have served...perfection. Sweetie enjoyed the first of many delicious croissants

and I had some lovely seeded baguette.

After breakfast we went over to Naomi's and took a tour of her home. There are beautiful touches of inspiration everywhere, like the dried lavender on the table and the collection of tea pots and glass jars in the kitchen. I loved every part of her kitchen and dining room, from the rock wall that is part of the kitchen backsplash

 to the ochre tinted old floor tiles.

 In back they have a plunge pool, very popular in the hot summers, plus a shady garden.

The bathroom is large and beautifully remodeled and the main bedroom cool and airy and peaceful. Seymour likes it, too.

Naomi's office is very charming, as well. She has an etsy business called La Vie en Pastis, French Vintage and Antique finds from Provence. Check it out if you like antiques and vintage items selected with a trained and discriminating eye. The baskets, creamware, silver, and enamelware are my favorites. The prices are reasonable and she ships anywhere. When we were there she stopped at the post office to mail a mirror. So far all of her items arrive with no problems either, so, if you don't wait too long,  you can have some unique Christmas presents from France, curated by Naomi!

In the late morning we headed for our first small town in Provence, but I took so many photos I want to share with you that I'm saving that for another post.

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  1. Lovely post Pat, I love your photos and thank you. xoxo