Sunday, June 04, 2017

It Might As Well Be Early Spring

Flying up from my recent visit to the Los Angeles area, I flew in a plane that hugged the coast and flew pretty low so that you could really see the scenery. The arid landscape of southern California gave way to lush green hills and rows of vines in multiple vineyards, plus fog hanging out near the ocean. To look at the scene one would think that it was early spring instead of the beginning of June. We have had such a long, wet winter and cool spring that everything seems to be dragging its way towards summer. Since I love the spring I'm a very happy camper, but it has slowed growth in the garden. The first tomatoes might come in September or even October at this rate!

Sweetie did a great job of keeping everything watered. A couple of the zucchini are looking like they will soon start real growth and the love in a mist (nigella) is spectacular right now. The flowers are a pale blue when they bloom and slowly turn to a dark velvety blue, all surrounded by a misty green leaf spray.

Managed to catch a cold while down south, so nothing much happening in the kitchen...or elsewhere except that I'm sleeping a lot. Hope to have a recipe to post soon, but, in the spirit of spring, here is a visual recipe for spring rolls.

These are the great shrimp and lettuce spring rolls with cucumber, basil, and carrot that my talented daughter made because she fell in love with something similar from a local Thai place.

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