Saturday, July 29, 2017

E & L & Sweet Peas & SF

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be called on for an unexpected opportunity to spend some time with to delightful girls who live in our neighborhood. We discovered that we all have a great fondness for Calvin and Hobbs, that we three like flowers in the garden and that Sweetie's train room is fascinating.

After deciding that we didn't have enough tree bark to make a fairy castle, we decided to do some watercolor painting. E painted the flowers in my garden and the bird ornament that seems to be flying over the Clarkia. L painted a wonderful scene which was dominated by a rainbow. Later she painted a sea scene and some flowers on a small piece of watercolor paper.

It was a short visit, but sweet. Hope they stop by again.

I also am enjoying my July sweet peas. Usually sweet peas bloom in the spring, but we had such a cool spring that they are just now coming into their full glory and the same time that the lily is blooming. Sweet scents in the garden!

Went today to McLaren Park in San Francisco where our daughter was organizing an event for her job. The non-profit devotes itself to planting trees in urban areas all over the U.S. Today they planted 80 street trees along Woolsey street. About 60 volunteers did the work and afterwards there was a catered sandwich and cookie and salad spread with all the food from BiRite Grocery on Divisadero, courtesy of EcoMedia. My artist friend P went with Sweetie and I and Straight Shooter met us there.

All was well until the very end when we returned to our car to find the back window smashed and P's purse stolen. It was hidden in the back, but the car was on the road all by itself by that time and I guess it looked promising, even though there was nothing valuable in sight. Called in a police report. K and her friends searched the neighborhood for a discarded purse, to no avail.  Needless to say we skipped the social time with K and her friends and cleaned up the glass as best we could and headed home to report it to our insurance. Fortunately no one was hurt and the car was drivable. A sad ending to a fun event, but life is random and people can be greedy. P stopped her credit cards and bank accounts right away and will have the chore of replacing her driver's license and so on. Our window will be repaired before the end of the coming goes on.

Congrats to K for a great event with happy boss, client and non-profit...a great trio to please...and there are more trees to help with air pollution and to give shade in the city.

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  1. So sorry you lost your purse. It's more the pain of having to replace everything, isn't it? More than an annoyance, if you have things in there and nowhere else.