Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Is Pie Time

Yesterday was a full one since we cut a good sized hole in the farm house bathroom floor, removed two layers of subfloor (and lots of nails and screws), made cleats to attach to floor joists to hold up the replacement flooring (so Grandma can go to the bathroom without falling in a hole in the floor) and then fashioned the replacement flooring so that it was even with the old flooring. Sweetie did most of the actual work and I was his assistant...sort of like an operating room nurse - handing tools to him and taking them back, replacing, then finding the next one in the holding area, repeat, repeat.

The day before we removed the huge cast iron tub. Last time we worked on this bathroom I had dropped that same tub on Sweetie's toe...ouch! this time we took extra care to not harm anyone in the removal of the tub. I'm hoping to recycle it to a bathroom in my own home in the future. It's a lovely old tub.

After we finished for the day with the floor work, Sweetie took a nap and I found a lump of pie pastry in the fridge that hadn't been used up for the hand pies. It was just large enough to make a pie containing one perfect peach.This would make a nice surprise for Sweetie since he really loves pie.

 I tossed the peach slices with a bit of sugar (maybe 1/2 teaspoon since the peach was ripe and juicy), a shake of nutmeg, and a couple drops almond extract. I sprinkled some of the cornstarch-flour-bread crumb mixture that I used for the hand pies onto the bottom of the rolled out dough, placed the peach slices in the center over that mixture, then folded up the edges of the dough over the peaches, pinching the dough together where it needed it.

Into a pie plate and then into a 375 degree F oven it went for about 10 minutes (I forgot to time it) until the crust was golden brown with a bit of darker brown here and there. The pie cooled and we had it about 9 pm and it was wonderful...sweet and tart and juicy with a nice, flaky crust. Yum!

So don't throw out the leftover pastry dough if you have any after making hand pies. You can fill your little pie with peaches, apricots, berries of all sorts, or apple slices. For apples I would change the nutmeg to cinnamon and skip the almond extract, but otherwise, it's the same for all of them. Summer is pie time...even little pies.

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