Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Happy Birthday To Me

This year I was really able to enjoy my birthday, so I did things I love...going to the gym (I know, hard to believe that I'm addicted), walking the dog with Sweetie, picking out flower seeds at the Hardware store, talking with my daughter and others on the phone (they called me!), a little gardening, a little watercolor time, starting one of the parts of tomorrow's Valentine baking, a lunchtime visit from a dear friend, TV with Sweetie after a nice dinner with grandma, a little Facebook time and ending it with some fun with Photoshop. It was a very pretty day, too. Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, brought flowers, gave cards, and to Sweetie for the perfect gift and day.


  1. The gym sounds like a perfect place to go on your birthday - especially by yourself! Many happy returns of the day, and what a gorgeous cupcake!

  2. Sounds the perfect relaxing day. Happy birthday to you :)