Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Headed to Fall Color

Having just returned from a quick visit to Portland, the city that embraces the unusual, maybe even weird, now I'm headed to Colorado for some fall color (I hope) and family time. Sweetie and Pi will keep the home fires burning. The painting above was on the wall of the home where I stayed in Portland and is quite lovely, as are other pieces of art there.

No recipes, just a note that the quince are almost ripe and that they will be plentiful this year. Maybe I'll actually get around to making the recipes in the Quince cookbook I purchased 3 years ago. Hope so. The walnuts are falling, making noises in the night on the new deck. The acorns ping on the barn roof, then slide down toward the driveway.

Gravenstein apples are still with us but will soon be gone. Perhaps there will be a pie when I get home.

The zucchini are still producing but the squash stay smaller. The time for 'baseball bats' squash is probably past. Love that the bees are dancing around the tiny flowers on the sunflowers where the seeds form. A lovely fall treat. Soon there will be seeds like these.

That's all for now. Stay warm, stay dry, and stay safe.


  1. I adore triptychs - the only one I've tried was on wood panels, parts of a single tree in three seasons, and it didn't turn out quite as I wanted... so I scrapped it. (You can do that with wood!) I should try again; something like the painting you photographed is inspiration!

    We are making applesauce like mad - do Gravensteins lend themselves to that? We are using Braeburns because they're otherwise useless as eating apples. Our pear tree is still too young, so we're buying Bosc and saucing those as well. It's all good.

    Enjoy your fall color, can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Tanita, Gravensteins make glorious applesauce. Part of the reason that they make terrible keepers...they turn to mush over the winter.
    You could try painting a triptych again - practice makes perfect or something.
    Will hopefully be posting the fall color shots soon, although Charlie gave me is cold when I left for Denver, so much of the visit I was sick and lounging around the house, not photographing fall color :(