Saturday, September 01, 2018

Summer Is Winding Down

Have not been posting here much because I've not been baking and even our meals have been pretty simple...sliced tomatoes with a scattering of fresh basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar plus salt and pepper, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini with some herbs and pepper, grilled meats or chicken, the occasional salad with fresh veggies in it.

Part of that is due to hot weather, part due to time spent traveling and in the garden, and part because Sweetie asked me to slow down on baking while his back gets better. He has little resistance to my baking and right now can't be active enough to burn off the calories. He is doing much better and we took a good walk at the Laguna this morning.

So instead here are some garden photos:

I have so enjoyed the day lilies this summer. They are all gone now, but I had bright orange greetings each morning for over a month!

The morning glories are taking over this yellow rose bush but soon everything will get pruned back and the annuals will get tossed in the compost, so I'ts OK.

I've been weeding and cleaning up but there is soooo much garden to get to. No photo of it, but the main planting of bearded iris have all been weeded and the leaves trimmed, ready for winter.

Sunflowers are really just getting going, with two in full bloom and another about half way open. There are a few more that should bloom in September.

The lovely red rose by the barn, which I purchased years ago at the Russian River Rose Garden in Healdsburg, just loves the spot where it is planted and it keeps getting bigger and taller each year.

 Last in the alphabet, but not in my heart, are the zinnias. I planted them in the big pots with the flax and some herbs and another flower whose name I forget, and they are constantly blooming, making the front walkway a very cheerful place.

The flower at the top is a red California poppy, one of a number of different colors of poppies I grew this year.

That's all for now. Hope to have something food-ish to post soon.
Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. So glad you got a shot of your morning glories, which I'd meant to do -- we just got to talking, and ran out of time! Next time...

  2. Running out of time because there was too much to talk about is actually pretty wonderful. The morning glories continue to bloom but I stopped deadheading them so I'd get seeds for next year, so they have slowed down a bit. Soon it will be time to compost them until next year. When I leave them to dry out it takes forever to clear them out for the new seedlings, so this year I plan on clearing them while they are still green.