Friday, October 26, 2018

Stain and It's Done

We started refurbishing the 25+ year old back deck in July. This week we had the same company that painted the house come and stain the front ( built a year or two ago) and back decks, including the minimal amount of wood that was original. They are DeAnda Painting in the Petaluma, CA area and I highly recommend them. They do indoor and outdoor work, are very careful and meticulous, easy to work with and fast.

Here are some views. The only thing not showing are the two strings of bright orange fall leaves that I added to the lowest deck today. We still need to put away the unused lumber and other cleanup, but the majority of the project is finished! Sweetie (with my help) did a spectacular job building it.

This morning, and yesterday, were spent clearing out the storage area by the driveway. Sweetie has a whole pick-up load to take to Goodwill. I still haven't been able to give up my stained glass supplies but if I don't use them by this time next year they will go, too. It feels good to have useable items going to a place where they can be purchased for very little by people who will actually use them. In the process of clearing out I discovered the plastic bin with the KitchenAid attachments that I have been looking for, plus some food processor blades, including a dough blade. Might have to use it for my next bread project!

Hope you, too, are having a happy, productive autumn week. No time for cooking and baking, to speak of, but hopefully the next post will have a recipe or two.

XO, Elle

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