Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Perfect Fall Day

Sunday was just perfect! We started the day by having breakfast with a friend and with our daughter at Redwood Cafe in Cotati. One of the great things about the place is that you can split an order, so breakfast becomes a reasonable portion of food. A full serving can keep you through lunch time. Sweetie and I enjoyed a scramble of bacon and mushrooms, a cup of mixed fruit each, and a half an English muffin.

After breakfast we took Pi for a walk at the Laguna and admired the water and wild grapes.

Then Katherine and I drove out to Armstrong Redwoods for a 4 mile hike, including the East Ridge Trail.

A waterfall and, later a small pond, were unexpected delights. Usually it is too dry in early October for those.

The redwoods always are a source of awe. They have beautiful bark, burnt out openings in some of them called 'goose pens',

and they ascend into the heavens for many yards. Their tannins apparently discourage insects, grass, and birds. We did see a banana slug but that was the only wildlife.

After our hike, we stopped in Guerneville and had a nice lunch, then headed home. The whole time we had blue skies and sunshine, light breezes and low 70s warmth, all of which were, truly, perfect.

Hope that your Sunday was just as nice.

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  1. Wow - looks like yours was amazing! Wild grapes!!! And you had a bit of moisture out there! Lovely! You all are due a lovely autumn after last year.