Saturday, April 11, 2020

Checking In

We got started early, so I think it's been about a month now that Sweetie and I have 'sheltered-in-place' here on the farm. The reason that I put it in quotes is that we have gone into town to walk the dog quite a few times during that month, although we have kept far more than six feet away from anyone who happens to be doing the same with their dog, the occasional runner, or the bird watching fellow we see at a distance. I've been wearing a face covering, too, created from my favorite rainbow scarf. Colorful is always good, plus in Britain they are apparently drawing rainbows to thank first responders and front line worker, so this rainbow thanks all those doing that dangerous and essential work.

I've had to enter the pharmacy twice for meds for an ornery bladder infection that refuses to die (wearing a robust mask from when we had our fires last fall), but otherwise haven't been in a store all that time. Fortunately I've never really been all that taken with shopping, especially without friends - they make it fun  - but even so I miss grocery shopping and picking out paint at the hardware store.

Our neighbors have been stellar. They let us know when they are grocery shopping and which store they will be going to and find what they can on our list and drop it off on our front porch. This will be hard to do without once we go back to shopping for ourselves again. Such a luxury!

Pi enjoys his walks but I think he is otherwise bored...but then we tend to be pretty boring. Reading, watching a movie on the TV or tablet, cooking and cleaning up from meals (when Pi gets the occasional leftover scrap of chicken skin or bit of pork fat). Pi also likes to hang out on the front porch while I garden or Sweetie works in the barn on his woodworking...but he's had no trips to the beach or different parks since they are all closed.

My bedroom closet is cleaner and more organized than it has been in at least 10 years. The challenge will be to keep it that way once life gets busier and more disorganized. It's still not most other people's idea of an organized closet, but it works for me.

The garden is also in better shape with fewer weeds. We have had a long, cool spring. That's ween lovely for the bulb flowers like tulips and daffodils because they have lasted a long time and are lovely, but it means that my sunspace is still full of veggie starts and sunflower seedlings that are getting bigger and bigger!

I usually wait for night time temperatures to stay in the 50s before I plant the hot weather plants, but I may have to just put them in and hope for the best soon.

Sweetie has been cleaning closets, too and found this jean jacket that Max used to wear. He says it is comforting.  As you can see he is keeping his weight down and lookin' good. Multiple trips back and forth to the farmhouse while working on the closet and while we have been painting the outside of part of the farmhouse have meant lots of steps. All three sides have been painted now and next I'll be painting trim around the windows.

Not much interesting cooking or baking going on. We're keeping it simple. The usual Easter egg dying will take place today, but there are only three hard boiled eggs since we are using most eggs for breakfast.

Hope that you, dear reader, are well and sheltering in place and finding new and, hopefully, fun ways to occupy yourself. Share in comments if you like.

Off to dye Easter eggs...all three of them.

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  1. I'm setting my sprouts and seedlings outside in the afternoons, but yeah - I think Wednesday's the day - they're getting too leggy and I think they really WANT to be outside... we'll just have to see how it goes.

    I will get to my closet, but haven't yet, nor the linen closet... I feel like just getting laundry done is good for now! I've tried to play the uke a bit every day and the piano a bit, but sometimes I just sit and stare... at least the sun's finally out so I can sit in the sun and stare!