Monday, April 06, 2020

Rainbows in the Time of Pandemic

The quiet march of the virus throughout much of the world has been pretty dispiriting but yesterday there was a bit of a break in the clouds, at least for me. Although it is a rare thing, the Queen of England gave a speech, and in it she was what I think of as a true leader. She shared the sadness we all feel as the pandemic changes so much of what we used to do and know, but she also marshalled the hopes of the British people, acknowledging that we will meet again...not sure when, but we will. She also encouraged her people to keep doing what they are doing and to appreciate the folks on the front line and first responders. There were pictures during the speech and I was moved by the ones drawn by children of thank those who are risking their lives to save others.

Today Sweetie and I decided to take Pi for a walk in town at the park which is mostly deserted. Since the CDC has asked that we wear masks, I made one from a silk rainbow scarf that I bought for my first trip to Ireland and that love to wear. That's my small effort to thank those like my niece the doctor who is in the front lines, for my friend Kathy's niece, a nurse, who is also there, for my niece the grocery manager who worked seven twelve-hour days in a row before a break so that we can get our food. It's a thank you to neighbors who have been shopping for us and for my nephew who works doing police and fire dispatch, and for the thousands and thousands others who are doing their part. I only wish that the U.S. had someone as eloquent as the Queen to bring our people together in spirit.

Hope that each of you reading this are washing your hands frequently, staying at home as much as possible, using a mask, staying safe and healthy and, most of all, being kind. Rainbows and kindness will get us through...until we meet again.

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