Friday, August 21, 2020

We're OK

Friends and family have been contacting us because we live in Northern California and on the national news it might look like we are in danger from the wildfires currently burning in many areas of California due to lightning strikes a few days ago.

Not to worry...we are fine. The fires are at least 15 miles away from us to the north and the winds have shifted to be from the ocean (west of us) toward the east, so it is highly unlikely that the fire will come our way. The air is smoky so we are staying indoors. There is some ash filtering down but that has mostly stopped.

Do keep good thoughts for the thousands evacuated and the dozens, if not more, who have lost their homes. Normally August isn't fire season yet, but we rarely have summer thunder and lightning storms, either.

Thank you for your concern if you were worried. Sending virtual love!  Elle and Sweetie and Pi.

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