Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Into The Garden for 2022

 Periodically I do a post about my garden. This year we had a long, cool spring, with short bursts of hot weather. I had some beautiful shows of iris and my roses bloomed, too. The cool weather meant the nights didn't really warm up enough to put in summer veggies until now. That matched up fairly neatly with my ongoing recovery from COVID and then a sinus infection. I finally have some energy and so my garden is finally getting some attention. Sweetie helped me with laying wood chips mulch and with filling up some pots with soil.

Three years ago I was able to get three red flax plants for free and they were the centerpiece plants for a planting area that included a Mr. Lincoln and a Just Joey rose, variegated leaf geranium, plus a perennial daisy plant that has grown huge,

a lilac shrub in a big pot and planting of regular red geranium, plus some bacopa...with small white flowers on a trailing vine. Around the Mr. Lincoln deep red rose a single fan of purple iris has expanded to many iris fans. There is also a pot with a couple of lily plants. 

All of these plants are still there, most of them in pots or barrels, but by removing the spent flax plants, I made room for some zucchini plants, plus one tomato plant...and fresh potting soil (see photo at top). With our drought I'm reluctant to add anything else. 

I save the water that runs out of the faucet cold while waiting for the hot water to arrive and that is used to help keep the established plants alive. We also have irrigation to the set of plants that now have the veggies. The irrigation is on a timer so that we can limit it to no more than needed. I do hope to keep my roses alive and the lilies. The iris are done blooming, so they don't need much water and even the lilac (see photo above) can go for a while without water because it sits in partial shade. Fingers crossed that I won't lose too many plants this year!

Late June and July should be wonderful because by then the daisy plant will flower, the lilies will be in full bloom, the roses will have started to bloom again, and we will have the tomato and zucchini  plants should be large and flowering, too. I'll try to do a post then to show how it looks in its glory.

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