Friday, June 24, 2022

Three Weeks Later ...

At the very beginning of June I posted with photos of my just-planted veggies...two kinds of zucchini and one tomato.

 It's been three weeks of mostly very hot weather. Sweetie hooked up the drip irrigation before I planted so they are getting a bit of water each day. Between the heat, water and the fact that I planted them in fresh potting soil, they are doing really well. Have seen a couple of flowers on the zucchini and the tomato looks ready to flower any time. I'll bet that I have zucchini to go on the grill before we hit another three weeks! The tomatoes will take longer, but they are usually well worth the wait.

The daisy plant got bigger and bloomed, too. Soon we will have lots of lilies. More photos then. Happy Summer! (It was official a couple of days ago.) 

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