Thursday, September 01, 2022

Eating More Fiber

I recently had a colonoscopy and everything looks good except for one thing. If medical stuff is TMI, don't read on.

I have internal hemerrhoids and the doc says that I need to increase my fiber and hydration to fix the problem. The easy way is to use a prescription stool softener and also to add something like Metamucil or psyllium husk powder for the added 5 grams of fiber per meal. The more task intensive way is to eat lots of food with at least 5 grams of fiber, plus increase intake of water. I'm doing a combination, but I hope to eventually be handling it with only food.

Some foods are easy because they have long been known to help with constipation. An example would be prunes and fresh apples (leaving the skin on). Pulses like lentils are also a good source, as is oatmeal.

In the area of fresh fruits and veg I was surprised to learn that raspberries and blackberries are good sources. Pears, too...who knew? Yams and potatoes with the skin on are good. The list goes on, but it's been fun to know that corn on the cob, which is in season right now and delicious just steamed and eaten, is helping my gut in multiple ways.

Do you have a favorite food source of fiber?


  1. CAULIFLOWER, high in fiber AND water. 3 grams of fiber per cup, it MELTS into cheese sauce and soups and you never know it's there. It's the most painless way to raise your fiber intake, ever. Plus I love ricing it and sauteing it with eggs for breakfast. ☺ Good luck!

  2. What a good suggestion! Cauliflower isn't my favorite veg, but I like the idea of riced cauliflower with eggs. So far I'm doing a lot of fruits with peel, and berries like raspberries are a good source, but I do need more veg ways to go. Recently did my favorite black bean and corn salad, which is a good high fiber dish.

    1. I really am not that fond of cauliflower as well, thus me putting it in things where I don't notice it! I'm using a ton of peas and pears in green salads with zingy vinaigrette - that also helps. In this relentless heat we've been eating dinner salads - pasta base with french friend onions and avocado on top - and in the middle every herb, fruit, and veg we can throw in.

      Stay cool!