Saturday, April 27, 2024

Run Up To A Wedding

Since this is a diary of sorts as well as a food blog, it's only fair to put in something about the upcoming wedding of our daughter to the love of her life.

Since it's a destination wedding, packages, the contents of which will need to be hauled to the mountains, have been arriving almost daily for a while now. I'm grateful for my early job in shipping and receiving because each needed to be opened, contents logged, then stored. Kate and Aaron are arriving today and will probably spend a fair amount of time in the next few days going through the boxes and bags and sorting them into tubs or boxes depending on what their use will be for the festivities.

I've also been doing a bit of sewing. I tried to make a sort of slip with sleeves as an undergarment for the dress I'm wearing for the ceremony, but discovered by sewing a muslin that my idea didn't work. At least that saved me the cost of sewing it in silk. Then I searched for a suitable sleeves...and found a lovely one, but that required sewing some loops of elastic and some buttons to secure it to where it needed to be in relation to my bra....perhaps that's too much information? Even more fun was sewing elastic loops discretely to Sweetie's favorite Greek fisherman's cap so that a sparkly strap with hooks on the end (hence the loops) could be attached for the Galaxy Party on Friday night...and then unattached when it's over. 

Kate has trimmed down and so had to have her wedding dress taken in a little. She should look stunning in it! Aaron and Charlie and all the males in the wedding will be wearing black suits with vests plus white shirts.

All events have to have glitches so that there are stories later. An early one was the possible loss of the bouquets due to a sudden illness of the florist, but alternate arrangements were made, so now all we have are extra flowers, which is a nice problem to have. I was going to attempt hand tied bouquets for bride and bridesmaid, but am very happy that the professionals will be taking care of that.

Who knows what else might happen? I'll fill you in, dear readers, later, when all the fun is over and we are safely home. We're still home for quite a while, but will be busy, busy, busy! In the meantime there probably won't be very many posts. Enjoy the spring until we 'meet' again!

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