Sunday, April 21, 2024

Water Iris

Will be posting food soon, but had to share my photo of our water iris. Because we had lots of rain this winter, they are happy and really have a lot of blooms and buds.

This is a plant that was given to me by a friend from watercolor class about 8-10 years ago. I recycled a used sink for the planter. The drain was plugged up and I sunk the sink into the ground so only the rim was above ground. It's on the East side of the house but it also gets some Southern sun during the day.

Spring weather today...up into the lower 80s...and a pleasure to be outside enjoying the day and the flowers.


  1. Those are gorgeous. We're growing cymbidiums for the first time this year, and trying to get the right balance of light and heat and water is tricky - but they're worth the effort.

  2. Tanita, cymbidiums always are worth the effort, but it really is a tricky balance. I wish you well. By comparison baking is super easy!