Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Arabian Nights...and Days

There is something very wonderful about the food from the Mediterranean area, especially from the eastern part. The flavors usually are deep and complex with spices and the combinations of those spices are different from those I usually use. Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey has invited us to the Monthly Mingle with the theme this month of Arabian Nights. I considered a number of different recipes, but in the end went with simplicity.

Sometimes the best part of the food from the eastern Mediterranean is the freshness. Recently I ate at a Persian restaurant, Hatams in Marin, CA, with my blogging buddy Anna. After we indulged in those wonderfully robust and complicated foods, I purchased some items to take home from the small grocery/deli that is in front of the restaurant. One of those items was fresh feta cheese. I took it home and later had it the same way it had been served at Hatams; the feta was joined by pita bread triangles and fresh mint from my garden. It is a wonderful combination with the salty feta, the wheaten pita and the zing of mint joining forces in your mouth. It makes a great appetizer for an Arabian night...or day.


  1. ooh la la! So delicious looking and makes me remember our fun adventure! Until the next one!

  2. Nothing could be better - great flavors and beautiful memories with a friend!
    Some so gorgeous about the simple ingredients in your photo, really beautiful.

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Have you tried a yoghurt softdrink yet. It is wonderful. For me , food from the mediterranean feels like a gift from the sun. They are wonderful!

  4. anna, this does bring back fine memories

    tanna, thank you. it's easy to photograph something so simply lovely.

    veron, i agree. mediterranean food is full of the sun and wonderful. there is a yoghurt based smoothie with live bacteria that i enjoy.

  5. Delightful!! Simple yet sooo perfect!