Thursday, April 26, 2007

Future Food

There is a pull, irresistible and steady, pulling me away from the kitchen, out into the garden.

It all started innocently enough. I purchased some seed packets for six kinds of heirloom tomatoes and four kinds of squash. This is not really new...I grow a few things from seed many years. What was different this year was that almost every seed sprouted. And then, almost every sprouted seed turned into a seedling. And then none of the seedlings died. Well, that's a lot of seedlings let me tell you.

While they were little, it wasn't a problem. A month ago they were in our sunspace, bringing some welcome green when the rains were here. But then they needed to be put into soil in larger pots, and then I had to feed them and find room in the garden.

If I had the kind of garden where you just dig a hold and pop a plant in, I suspect that every one would have found a home. But by August I would be in trouble...too mahy squash by far (not sure that too many tomatoes is possible). As it is, my garden is overrun with gophers. This requires that plants be put into planters like half barrels, or that I put gopher cages in the ground first and put the plants inside. We used to have a cat who caught the gophers, but she is gone and Xam, our lab, shown here, tries to catch them but just digs up the yard in the process.

I did some of each kind of planting and now have enough seedlings planted to allow for a few to be eaten by critters, a few to not like their spot and to not thrive, and a whole bunch to fill my garden by harvest time with a rainbow of tomatoes, summer and winter squash, chard, cucumbers, beans and maybe even some peppers (I might buy a plant or two).

Now comes the daily watering, weeding, watching and enjoying their progress. When you raise them from seed, they are sort of like your progeny...more personal than something from the hardware or home store. I even found good people to give homes to many of the seedlings that wouldn't fit into my garden. Still have a few squash plants without homes. Any takers?


  1. Looks great! I can't wait to get mine in the ground.. just started the seeds 2 weeks ago. I found out he bought a bunch of seed packets earlier this week as well.. should be interesting to see how this years garden will grow.


  2. Love the photos of the garden and your pup!
    Wish I had some space for one of your squash!

  3. Lis, growing from seed is so much fun. Hope your garden grows beautifully.

    Tanna, Wish you did, too. The poor little things still in tiny peat pots are flowering! They just want to grow. I may need to find someplace to plant them.

  4. Anonymous7:48 PM

    I am trying upside down tomatoes this year. I have planted them bottoms up in a hanging bucket~ we'll see!
    I is s'posed to cut back on the weeds and the bugs...If I have plenty I'll share.

  5. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Isn't this time of year the best? I love the warm sunshine and working with the dirt and planting things. Can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!

  6. Sandi, What a fun idea to grow them upside down. What if they get really heavy with tomatos? Let me know how that goes...I might give it a try next year.

    Kristen, Spring really is a great time of year. I'll do some photos every month or so to show the changes.