Monday, April 16, 2007

Name This Kitchen Item

Years ago, when I didn't already have a kitchen full of cooking gear, I used to haunt flea markets and second hand stores, with the occasional antique store thrown in, looking for old kitchen implements. I found old rolling pins and spatulas, egg beaters and tea strainers.I don't remember where or when, but that's how I aquired this lovely, useful item. My mother had one and we used it frequently, so it seemed like a good purchase.

It's made of metal; aluminum as far as I know. After I posted the last query on a kitchen item, Sweetie told me that most aluminum items that were heavy cast aluminum were donated during WWII to be melted down and used for war materiels for things like casings and airplanes. I guess a few homemakers were more fond of their cookware than of being patriotic.

This one is easier than the last one, but I wanted to post it because the curves are so elegant for such a utilitarian item. I'll tell you tomorrow what it is.


  1. Well, it is a press of some sort...maybe a potato ricer. It does have very graceful curves! I like it!

  2. I'm going for a juicer.. I have got to get one of these right eventually, yes? heheee!


  3. I will take a wild stab and say its a juicer.

  4. tanna, good guess, because it does press food through a grate.

    lis, you got this one is a juicer, for citrus fruits

    cheryl, you are correct, too.

    Thanks for guessing!

  5. Hi! What a great item - it DOES have elegant lines! Looking forward to our next adventure!

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