Sunday, May 13, 2007

Memories of Tea

Taking tea has been one of the things shared between mothers and daughters in my family for generations. Way back before I was even a twinkle in my Dad's eye, mother was sharing tea with her mother, perhaps with some Irish soda bread. Later, when I was of school age, I'd come home and have tea with my mom. We often discussed politics since she and I were both interested in that topic.

My daughter and I had tea parties when she was little, with tiny tea pots and cups. Later we'd have tea when she wanted to have some time just with me. After college when she lived nearby, we'd sometimes go out for tea on the weekend, sampling egg salad sandwiches and scones with whipped cream and jam. She even found me a beautiful calico tea pot for my birthday one year. By accident, I broke the handle. Then for mother's day she looked high and low and found an exact replacement! I treasure that teapot and the memories of our shared tea parties.

Now she has topped even that. Today I unwrapped a box mailed from Seattle. Hidden under a layer of packing materials, snuggled in three boxes, were a teapot with lid, two saucers, and two teacups. What makes them so incredible and special is that she painted them all herself at a ceramics studio. She even painted cute little flowers which are at the bottom of the cups. They hide under the tea until it is almost gone, then appear like magic.
I actually cried tears of joy when I opened this gift. I was talking to my sweet daughter on the phone while I was opening them, so she asked me to turn the teapot over. On the bottom was written 'Happy Mothers Day 2007'. So wonderful! On the bottom of the saucers and cups she had written the different ways she calls me mom, plus the year. Mommy, mom, mama, mother and a heart. This is a treasure beyond price.

So this afternoon, I toasted my lovely, thoughtful, talented daughter. I toasted my Sweetie and the son we had together. I toasted mothers everywhere and those who reside in our memories and in our hearts. Happy Mothers's Day - 2007.


  1. What a beautiful gift! So sweet!

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Wow, what a thoughtful and deeply special gift from your daughter, Elle! I love the part about the flowers at the bottom of the cups... lovely! She is very talented... you must be so proud!

  3. What a wonderful gift. Priceless. My wife and four year old grand daughter Grace Helen have tea after morning preschool classes nearly everyday. I'm thinking that the wife, who loves to dabble in artistic endeavors, will love the idea of creating a tea set for our Grace as a keepsake. What a treasure it will be that will invoke the same type of memories you share with your daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh what a lovely present! Your daughter is very sweet.

  5. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Those are so beautiful!! And the colors are so you! What a fabulous and very thoughtful present.

  6. What a great present! Your daughter loves you so...You are an incredible mom I can tell. This is a great way to share memories and crete some new ones...I am a little teary-eyed right now. Beautiful!

  7. This is over the top - what a darling daughter! I'm sure that you'll enjoy these for a special tea with her next times she's in town!

  8. Anonymous8:53 AM

    You have me crying with you! What a precious go with your precious memories.
    Now, what kind of tea will you use? My favorite is ginger/lemon

  9. How precious! This is a treasure I'm sure.

  10. What a heart-warming story, Elle. You know, my mom and I live on opposite ends of the country, so taking tea together isn't possible. Our solution? We have tea time over the phone. Not quite the same as face to face, but the sentiment is still there.

  11. Karen, true, true.

    Gilly, I am proud and touched.

    Bob, I told my daughter about your comment and she was thrilled that she had inspired your wife. This is one of the lovely things about blogging. I'm sure the set she makes will be treasured.

    Sara, I'm a lucky Mom.

    T, yes, they are my colors :) are the only one who noticed...sweet of YOU.

    Anna, it is over the top, and unexpected, and we will surely have tea using them next time she is here.

    Sandi, probably Earl seems to be the family favorite.

    Claire, a treasure indeed.

    Susan, I do the same thing with my Mom. Lots of laughter over on the east coast & one on the west.

  12. Elle, what a lovely and fantastic gift from your daughter! A perfect family heirloom that you can sip from for years to come.

  13. I can almost feel tears welling up. What a beautiful well thought out thing your daughter did just for you! She is obviously great at painting too, the set is very pretty. :)

  14. What an incredible gift from an incredible daughter......

  15. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Awwwwwww.... how SWEET is that! You obviously have a lovely daughter!

  16. Mary, Hadn't thought of it as a heirloom, but it is. Thank you for seeing that.

    Kelly-Jane,Me too...tears welling up...and she is very artistic...I got lucky.

    Jann, Smile...thank you...I'll see she read this.

    Claudia, THank you, too. She is a keeper.