Saturday, May 05, 2007

Only a Week Away

Mothers Day is a week from tomorrow.

I just talked with my daughter on the phone and she is so cute.

She said she is sending me a Mother's Day present early. I told her, "That's great. I won't open it until Mother's Day." It's actually surprising that anything is coming because a week or so ago she said she wanted to celebrate Parent's Day (a combination of Mother's & Father's Day which is an old family tradition) if we visit her this summer.

But who am I to turn down a Mother's Day gift? Even if the press of work and a bad cold on her part means it comes unwrapped and with no card. I don't care. I'm thrilled that she is sending me a gift. She has the best heart, and great taste, too.

What I will miss is not having her here this year to share a cup of tea with me.
She bought me the tea pot pictured here not once, but twice, when the first one was broken by accident. It took some doing, but she tracked down a matching tea pot and it is such a well balanced and beautiful one. Kind of like my daughter.

And the tea cup? A gift from my Mother. So next week I'll put tea into the pot, pour myself a cup of Earl Gray tea and drink a toast to mothers and daughters everywhere, and especially my dear Mother and my sweet daughter.

Hope you find a meaningful way to remember your Mother.


  1. That was so heart warming!! I'll think of you too and drink a cup of tea to you too!

  2. Funny, the best Mother's Day presents for me have been not things but actions- a dinner cooked by my chef son, my daughters organizing my laundry room (you have no idea!), a load of mulch spread in my flower beds or my daughter cleaning and organizing my garden bench. I guess these are special because besides showing love and an appreciation of what is important to me, it gives me a gift that can't be bought... time!

  3. Beautiful teapot! I remember my mother almost every day.

  4. Awwww that's such a great post! And you are right - your daughter does have great taste! That teapot is gorgeous. Happy Mom's Day, Elle!

  5. What a nice read! My mom will have to wait a few more weeks, Mother's Day in France is the first sunday of June this year. Always surprised me because Father's Day is on the same day...go figure!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I love your post...I would give the world to be able to share a cup of tea with my mom.

    We share a special tradition on mother's day. We all wear our tiaras...we are queens for the day!

  7. Meeta,
    I'll think of you, too, on Mother's Day when I'm drinking the cup of tea.

    Deborah, Know what you mean. One year my daughter organized my spice cabinet...I'm useless at that kind of organization. Such a gift!

    Ilva, Thank you. Mother's day can be bitter sweet, too. I'll toast your mother, too.

    Lis, Yes, it's my favorite, out of over 20 teapots :)

    Helen, Sounds like Parent's Day to me :) Happy Mother's Day, early, to you!

    Sandi, I'll toast you mom, too. Now where can I find a tiara? Great tradition!

  8. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Happy almost Mother's Day to you. It sounds like your daughter is very special. That teapot is amazing!

  9. Kristen, She is quite a woman. I'm lucky.