Thursday, May 31, 2007

Step Away From the Computer!

Somewhat unwillingly, I will be away from the computer and out of touch for a few days. Given my virtual obsession with blogging of late, it's probably for the best. Besides, I will be learning more about another interest, scholarships for women.

Happy June!


  1. Hope you enjoy yourself :)

  2. Are you going back to school?? How marvelous!!! I want details after your blogging vacation. :D


  3. Kelly-Jane, it was fun, but exhausting.

    Lis, I'm actually a member of PEO and it is an organization that gives loans and scholarships to women to assist with their education. I was learning more about how to increase the funds available, how to find more scholarship recipients, and how to encourage more membership in order to assist with the other two. The organization is over 138 years old, so there is a lot to learn :)