Monday, June 18, 2007

Seattle On My Mind

If you've not had the experience of missing a grown son or daughter who have moved to another state or country, you might not understand why Seattle has been on my mind a lot since Christmas.

After she graduated from college, Sweetie and I were lucky to have our daughter living near by, no more than 40 minutes when she lived south of here, and that luck held for over four years. Even when she was in the LA area, it seemed like we could go visit easily. When she moved to Seattle last summer we drove there together and I really knew just how far away she was. I also found out that I really enjoy Seattle and find it to be a very comfortable place to be.

We did get to visit with her at Christmas, but each of us had a cold during that time, which put a damper on much activity. She has come here a couple of times, too.

A little over a week ago we were again in Seattle. The weather was nice a couple of the days, and rained the others so we knew we were in the right city. There were decorated pigs around the downtown area, and construction going all over, so we knew it was summer. Lots of people walking and biking. The food was wonderful no matter where we ate...surely Seattle.

It's difficult to decide what was the best. The cupcakes and coffee at Cupcake Royale were great. The breakfasts at the 5 Spot in Queen Anne filled me right up. Dinner at the Santa Fe Cafe' with a chef friend of hers brought some very rich dishes from New Mexico.

Probably the most enjoyable was the linguine dish pictured above, with fresh Copper River salmon, that I enjoyed at Cutters near Elliott Bay when I had the pleasure of meeting Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

It may have been the freshness of the ingredients, or the lightness of the cream sauce, or the deft hand the chef had with the herbs, but it was probably that I thoroughly enjoyed talking and laughing with Peabody. As you may have gathered if you've read her blog, she is very knowledgeable about baking but modest about it, fun, witty, and she holds strong opinions. My kind of woman! Her photographs are also stunning. I was lucky because she brought me a small loaf of her grandma's bannana bread (which was perfect for eating while waiting for our delayed flight that evening) and a delicious lightly spiced cake with blackberry jam. Thank you Peabody!

So now I've had a little daughter time and I feel much better. I'm naturally biased, but I think she is beautiful, smart, a dynamic sales person and a great friend.

So now you can be jealous that I spent time in lovely Seattle, ate great food, had daughter time and spent a wonderful afternoon with Peabody. And I can be jealous that y'all have had time to cook and bake and blog about it. Heehee.


  1. I am very jealous - I love Seattle!! I hope to end up there one day if everything goes my way....

  2. Such a lovely post. I was envious of you and Peabody meeting up together, being so far away from my DBs gets a bit lonely LOL! But I am so glad you had a blast. I can imagine what it must be like for a mum to be away from her child. My mother is all the way in Dubai and she too says how much she misses having her daughter around to chat. I wish too I could just pop over to mum's when I need to chat!

  3. The cupcakes in Seattle look fantastic. I'm glad you got to see your daughter.

  4. Awww how cool! I'm so glad you had a great time in Seattle! And totally jealous that you got to nibble on some Peabody originals! =)


  5. Since I have a son in Seattle and another in Portland, I know just what you mean. Hope we're there together one day and Peabody.

  6. :blush:
    You are too kind. It was so fun getting to sit and chat with you. I hope to get to do it agian when you come around these parts!

  7. What a great trip! You and mom would have a lot to talk about about kids moving away, and now after many many years I realize how difficult it is at times and I love having her visit.

  8. Deborah, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you do.

    Meeta, It was a treat meeting Peabody. As for the distance from family and friends, someone needs to invent a "Beam me up, Scotty" type of machine to just beam us from place to place. Then we could just pop over.

    Cheryl, They were cute cupcakes & it was a good visit.

    Lis, More like inhale than nibble, but Peabody is a great baker.

    Tanna, It would be great to gather some Daring Bakers, including you , me and Peabody, in Seattle (or Portland 'cuz I love Portland, too.)

    Peabody, I look forward to it as soon as I can scare up the airfare. Perhaps coordinate it with a time Tanna is there visiting?