Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Sundae

Even though we ate them for Father's Day, I'm just getting around to writing about the dessert we had that day.

It's been years since I had a banana split sundae. Ice cream is not my first choice for an indulgence, but Sweetie is very fond of ice cream, so it seemed like a great choice for Father's Day.

Imagine the flavors: vanilla and dulce de leche ice cream over sliced bananas. Top that with fresh blackberries (I know, more blackberries...I just love them!), Ranier cherries, cut in half, strawberries, and chunks of peaches. On top of that drizzle a little caramel sauce. Top that with some softly whipped cream and a few pecans. Heaven! Where's my spoon?


  1. Where's MY spoon? You are an awful tease!!! That looks so gooooood! And it's breakfast time in Germany right now. YummY!

  2. Wow, that is some luscious looking fruit there. One day I am going to try dulce.

  3. It looks refreshing and rich at the same time, Elle - delicious!

  4. Looks great, I haven't made one of these for a long time, too long!

  5. Anonymous12:35 AM

    yum! that looks good!