Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Little Piggy

Time available to be at the computer blogging has been in short supply all of June so far. The good news is that there were nice reasons for this (mostly), but the bad news is that it is continuing. A good friend had surgery and I'm off to play either Florence Nightengale or Nurse Rachette, depending on what is needed.

So I'll leave you with this little piggy, one of a number found around Seattle during my visit last weekend. This one sits outside a chocolate shop and the chocolate just drips down him.

Happy trails for now.


  1. I LOVE pigs!!! They are one of my favourite animals (both to watch/admire and eat!) Hope your friend feels better

  2. Wish I was soaked with chocolat!!!

  3. Hope your friend has a speedy recovery. The piggy is so cute, that's fun with the dripping chocolate!

  4. Tanna, Tales to come soon.

    Mary, These pigs scattered around the downtown in Seattle are a kick! Real pigs are amazing...sometimes huge...and I love cooked pork of many sorts. My friend is now feeling better and that means I'm able to get back to blogging. Yeeehaa!

    Big Boy, Bet you'd look better that way than the pig.

    Kelly-Jane, Thanks for the good wishes. The piggy is cute, but the chocolate was just paint...had to go into the shop for the real thing.

  5. Anonymous7:40 PM

    You are such a kind friend.
    What a cute piggy!