Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Well Cards and Comments Welcome

A good oral surgeon, early tomorrow morning, will have me in his chair and will be doing his thing. I will be on drugs for a while...wheeeeeeeee...

When the brain gets unfuzzy (as much as it ever does :) - I will be back to blogging.

Wish me luck!

Here's some flowers to cheer us all:


  1. UGH. What IS IT with this time of year and oral surgery!? Even my favorite columnist at the SF Chronicle had oral surgery this week.

    I was mostly disgusted at how I couldn't eat the Pink Lady apples which are just beginning to come into season, but you've got plenty of time for the Sebastopol apples, and eventually you'll get your tastebuds back. Meanwhile, there's peaches and berries and milkshakes. Have one for me!

  2. get well and come back soon!

  3. I hope you'll get through it quickly and painlessly. Drugs are great.

    I had oral surgery in February. The surgeon told me I could go back to work the next day. He lied, lol!!

    Make sure you have plenty of soft foods and take care of yourself. Rest does wonders for healing.

  4. Good luck and good post surgery drugs!!

    OH and some good ice cream too....

  5. All my very best wishes for wonderful easy and fast recovery that is progressing well now. Ice cream is so good for swelling.

  6. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Get Well Soon! Sending Best Wishes! Imagine there's a beautiful watercolor painting of flowers on the front of a cream colored card, and that the inside has the above sentiments. Below that, in my handwriting, it says, "We all send love!" and there are several signatures. You can guess the names.

    Thank goodness you have a great imagination!

    Love, Natasha

  7. Ouch! I hope all went smoothly and your recovery is quick and painfree.

  8. Best Wishes and get well soon.

    Do I detect a subtle hint of humor in the picture of poppy seeds after mentioning drugs, or is it "really" just about pretty flowers ?

  9. Get well soon! :)

  10. Thanks, all of you! Finally feeling less woozy...drugs help but sure do make me sleepy. Finding it difficult to eat, although pudding seems to be OK. All went well and all of your good wishes are MOST appreciated!
    Hugs & kisses! Elle

  11. Oh no! I hope it all goes well. I am anti dentist.
    Hope you get lots of good drugs!

  12. Dentists can be frustrating. You wait a month-and-a-half for an appointment, and they say, "I wish you'd come to me sooner."
    I hope it all went well!