Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yay Food Bloggers!

One of the hallmarks of the food blogging community is positivity. In much of the blogosphere negativity is common, so it is such a nice realization to consider the warmth and caring that is constantly shown by food bloggers. Comments are usually upbeat, funny, affirming and encouraging. Yay for food bloggers!

Thanks to all of you who come by, commenter and 'lurkers' alike!

Even though it takes some time to blog, I find it very rewarding.
Trouble is that I can spend time thinking about what to cook or bake, taking the time to cook or bake it, photograph it, do what is necessary in Photoshop to make the photos ready for the blog, then do the write up, add the photos, spell check (mostly), make links were needed, and, finally post OR go around and look at the fantastic blogs of other food bloggers, make comments, make notes on inspiration that has come because of their excellence, or even blogs to return to for recipes, etc. That doesn't even include the time taken to read e-mails and post the comments to the blog and post answers (sometimes), nor to create recipes for 'original' things cooked or baked. It seems difficult these days to find enough time to do it all, especially with the garden calling to me every day.

So if I don't get around to your blog or post very often bear with me. I wouldn't be surprised if you have the same problem if you are a food blogger. Oops, gotta go, the squash are demanding to be harvested....again!


  1. Such gorgeous squash blossoms! Have you ever eaten those? I've heard of people deep frying them -- but then, pretty much everything you deep fry is alleged to be good. If you experiment with that, let us know!

    Happy gardening!

  2. Those squash flowers are screaming at me. Are you going to make something with them?

  3. Triple yay to all you said here! (well except the garden ofcourse, I really would love to have such green thumbs)

  4. Yes, it is the curse of the food blogger...the balance of running your own blog while still trying to get to other blogs as well!

  5. Your post nicely sums up the squaring of the foodie circle. :)

    If you'll excuse me, I have a clafoutis in the oven.

  6. What beautiful vegetables! So far, I've gotten exactly three tomatoes.

  7. Tanita, yes, I made stuffed squash blossoms last summer or the summer before...they were good, but a lot of work for how they turned out. I didn't do a fried version...not a big fan of fried stuff. Can't find the recipe & never posted it, but it had a crumb topping and was baked.

    Giz, In about a week I plan to do something with squash blossoms...maybe yeasted saffron bread with the blossoms in strips...

    Baking Soda, I inherited my veggie green thumb from my Dad, the flowers one from my Mom, so I'm double blessed.

    Peabody, we both keep trying...and that's the fun of it!

    Andreas, We want to see that clafouti! Your recent frozen dessert posts using seasonal fruits are so wonderful!

    Madam Chow, The tomato photos are from last year...none at all so far this year, although lots of little ones that will be ripe about...September!