Sunday, October 18, 2015

Coming Up On The 22nd

Although I have at least one post to put up between now and then, very soon, on Oct. 22nd, I will have completed nine years of blogging. Thousands of recipes later I know that my photography and writing has improved, the range of skills in the kitchen has improved, and the number of new friends made has been wonderful. So many new foods and techniques and implements have been tried as I explored different food cultures, high end baking, gluten free and dairy free food prep and more. I hope the ride has been fun for you, dear reader, since you may be lurking but you are still important to me as I write up each post and choose which photos to use.

Ever since last fall when we finished the new kitchen it feels like my life is at one of those transition or crossroads places. Some things are ending or have ended and others are beginning. Not sure how the blog will fit in but I don't think I'm quite done with it yet. After all, on the 20th I'll post the last cake from the book the Cake Slice Bakers have been baking from this year and the following month we will be into a new book, so it would be hard to stop just now.

Also the holidays are coming and I usually find inspiration for special holiday recipes. Who knows, there might be a holidays cookbook around the corner with recipes for lots of major holidays. Of course I might take up stand up paddle boarding and give up blogging altogether. If there is a particular recipe you would like me to make to celebrate the beginning of the 10th year, let me know. It could be something of mine you love and want me to make again, or a challenge to fire me up. Maybe there will be 9 or 10 more years of Feeding My Enthusiasms.

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  1. Happy Blogoversary!
    I've been blogging books since 2004 on my oldest blog, and for me, that's the only one that will endure in its same form - because there are always new books. Still, I started to focus more on diversity in those books, and making note of how publishing continues to tell one story in America. Over time, it's interesting to see how we change what we deem important. As we started to refocus from a love of food, it started to feel challenging to blog on our personal blog because so much was experimental and there weren't as many successes -- but for us it's important to prove that we CAN still make beautiful and tasty things, even with the limitations imposed on trying to eat less gluten and sugar. Here's hoping we can all help support each other in our various quests to enlarge our food-worlds.

    Here's to another nine years!