Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Fall Vistas

There hasn't been too much baking going on the last few days, but I did get my stained glass tools organized and put away and the usual chores done, plus some work on a newsletter for the scholarship regional group. Did a little walking, too, to keep the FitBit and scale happy.

I guess I'm having trouble getting back on West coast time because I've been waking up early. Yesterday I took some photos early in the day and late in the day when the light was golden. Just like the photo of the acorn and oak leaves, most of these are on or near our home place and show that the fall is here. Unfortunately they also show that the soil is bone dry, the grasses either straw colored or dark gray since they have been without any sort of true rain for quite a while. Not sure why, but the berries have put on a second showing, here and there, and the apples and persimmons and grapes seem to be a bit larger than average. Maybe Mother nature is hedging her bets?

I hope to have a post soon showing my success, or lack of it, with gluten free, dairy free pizza. Come on back in a day or two.

Happy Fall!

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  1. The land may look tired, but even exhausted, it is so beautiful this time of year. The light, the light, the light! And I've been so grateful for the crisp nights, free of fog, to look up.

    ...hang in there, you'll catch up with yourself. It took us the whole of August to get over being in Scotland; it feels like I finally have arrived home myself.