Monday, October 26, 2015

Fun With Pumpkins

It's always fun to have kids around for pumpkin carving. I grew some small sugar pie pumpkins which I plan to bake with, and I bought some larger ones and the rest of the crew brought more pumpkins! This year our lovely daughter invited some friends to join us and one couple brought their adorable little girl.

She wasn't that interested in the pumpkins until they had been carve a bit, but she did enjoy walking barefoot in the tiny bit of green grass we have.

She also made friends with Pi doggie and he was really good with her, even just lying peacefully while she sat on him. He also ran around with a small pumpkin in his mouth which delighted her...and me.

The carved pumpkins were beautiful. I'm always amazed at the transformation of a plain orange pumpkin into a small work of art using fairly simple tools and a lot of patience and careful cutting.

Sweetie even lent them an Xacto knife with a tiny serrated edge that was great for the smaller sections that they removed.

No recipe this time, just some photos of our fall pumpkin fun. I did serve up my standard guacamole and chips and AM brought some farm fresh jalapeno salsa. Wine and cheese and bread were provided by the darling daughter and friend while the little ones parents served up some warm cider spiked with bourbon. And, no, I'm not back to bourbon or wine or even bread and cheese. Still had a good time and so did Sweetie.

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  1. WHOA, you people are professional. I feel happy just getting a wee face scratched into the pumpkin, not to mention recognizable faces. Wow! This year, someone actually did up a pattern of MARE'S WAR in pumpkin - the paperback cover - and I was well impressed. Looks like it was just a marvelous day - and a toddler always makes it even better.