Saturday, August 01, 2020

The Essence of Summer in a Sandwich

The first tomatoes are ripe! Started from seed in the early spring, planted with care in April, watered frequently and fertilized a few times, the bushes are full of tomatoes at all stages of development. It's been a while but the wait is worth it.

One of the first things I make with fresh, first of summer, home-grown tomatoes is the classic BLT sandwich. Good bacon is cooked until crisp, leaf lettuce is washed and dried, good bread is toasted, mayo and pepper are at the ready and I slice that first tomato with nice, thick slices. I only put mayo on the bottom slice of toast, followed by the tomato slices, some salt needed because of the bacon..., the bacon, the lettuce and the top slice of toast. It's a thing of beauty and a nice, juicy lunch, full of the flavors of summer.


  1. I'm so annoyed that a gopher ate BOTH of our tomato plants that I'm just buying Farm Market tomatoes (and eating the neighbors' as they had the sense to plant them in a planter), but I'm so pleased yours are huge!

  2. Ah, yes, gophers...we have a lot of them! The feral cat is working on reducing the numbers, but I still plant everything in a planter or a wire basket after losing a dozen rose bushes to gophers the first year we lived here. Glad the neighbor likes to share!