Saturday, October 03, 2020

#inktober Third Prompt

Today's prompt is bulky. Not an easy one for me to figure out, but I eventually decided that my gardening boots seem very bulky to me, as opposed to my usual shoes which tend to be lightweight and fairly sleek.

I used Japanese ink and water for the shading and a fine-point pen for the drawing. Probably should have used a thicker paper. Need to work some on my shading, but you can tell that these are a pair of boots. 


  1. Those are really cute.

  2. This is the coolest idea. When I saw your drawing of boots on 12 October or so, I imagined it was the beginning of October. found myself quickly sketching (I usually start with pencil) my ideas of "Fish", "Wisp" and "Bulky". Then I realized the actual date... I managed to quickly draft "Blade", "Rodent", "Fancy" and an idea for "Teeth". I went back to "Radio", and then the notion of trying to do the rest suddenly became too overwhelming.

    Good for you for continuing with the list. I love what you have done so far!