Monday, October 12, 2020

Slippery For Day 12 #inktober

In my youth I was a fierce sled rider. We had a few places nearby to sled. One good sized hill down by the creek was my favorite...not as long a ride as I would like, but steep. Another, with a long path after the bottom, across a play yard, was at Thomas Jefferson school. A more dangerous, but fun place was at the top of the hill on Marshall St. above the was higher up the same hill but there was the occasional car that came by which you had to watch for. It was the best hill and the longest, steepest ride...but there were those cars. We used wood and metal Flyer sleds and tugged them up the hill with the rope which was used for steering on the way down. you could also steer with your feet as this little girl is doing. Today's prompt of 'Slippery" works well for the slippery slope of a snow covered hill. 

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