Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Rock The Vote Blue

I'm old enough to know that there have been presidential elections in the last 50 years or so that were very important for a variety of reasons, but I think that the 2020 election might top the list. The last four years have been chaotic. Right from the start there was a disrespect for the job that government does that benefits all Americans and a greed to harness the powers in government that can serve and/or enrich a few.  Even now key government positions are unfilled by the President and so key work is being done by placeholder workers who, because everyone knows they are placeholders, have less power and influence. Beyond that I guess I am tired of each day waking up to another news article about Trump. The news often isn't about anything else but Trump. That gets old folks. We haven't even touched on the massive changes in our culture, in our place in the world, and in how our government governs that are the result of four years of Trump. It feels very much like our democracy is in danger.

Because some Americans have benefited from those changes, or have been led to believe that those changes are good for them, not everyone is interested in having the next four years be non-Trump years. Others are afraid, or filled with hate or both. Others have a strong interest in one issue...like abortion, or gun owners freedoms, or eliminating government regulations and they believe that continuing with our current president will help with those interests...and that might indeed be true. I respect each American's right to vote the way they see fit, but I sincerely hope that a vast majority of American votes are just as tired of the Trump years as I am. I pray that they can see that the balance of power that our founding fathers set up has been seriously unbalanced.

This week my daughter and I did an art project. We painted rocks blue and then added words, phrases, images and icons encouraging people to vote (non-partisan) and also, on some of them, asking them to vote Democratic. We have been dropping off those rocks in prominent places around town and around the area. We are in the last few weeks of this election period. If you are an American and registered to vote, it's time to think about what you believe in, what you respect, what you are willing to put up with, what you hope the future holds...and VOTE.

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