Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Day Off

Life sometimes hands you an unexpected day. Mine was today. I thought that I had a day off...nothing scheduled on the calendar. That happens less frequently than you might think. Then I read my e-mail and made a phone call to an old and very dear girlfriend who was not feeling well on Monday (I took her to her doctor's office at her request) but was feeling even worse today.

Sweetie waved me off with a smile as I went to pick my friend up to take her to the hospital emergency room. He was happy that I was able to help her out since it was a day off. He also was planning on crawling around below the house seeing what he could do for something with straps and knew that he would have lots of time to do so without interruption.

My friend and I headed to the new Sutter hospital in Santa Rosa. She wasn't ill enough to need an ambulance, thank heavens. Neither of us had been to this facility but it is right next door to a place where my daughter used to work, so I knew the way.

Everyone was outstanding in the ER, and the equipment is brand new and does everything but stand on it's head and clap. My friend is doing better and they figured out what was wrong, but we were there from 9:20 am and I left at about 4:15 pm. A long day off, but a satisfying one. I was able to help explain her symptoms, to help with the hospital gown, to keep her company, tuck in the blanket when her feet got cold, keep her from getting bored by telling her Pohnpei stories that Sweetie told me, and get her to laugh later in the day. We have over ten years of friendship so we know each other pretty well.

All in all, it was an interesting day off. I know she would do the same for me, anytime. A good day.

No food today...too tired to cook.

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