Friday, November 28, 2014

Scenes From Turkey Day Plus One

Had some fun this afternoon with my sweet daughter. We got in touch with our crafty inner kid and made ornaments at a local pottery and fused glass place. We had thought that we'd paint pottery, but ended up with the glass because it's so much fun.

For the food-related, we have two glass gingerbread cookies, ready to go in the oven. Not sure how they will turn out once all the added glass slumps, but it should be interesting to see.

We also made an ornament shaped one and a snowman. Lots of fun. I'll try to remember to put up a post showing the finished ornaments once they are fired.

Happy day after turkey day!


  1. This was a home DIY kit? Our local crafty place has glass fusing stuff, but I thought you'd need either a tiny torch or a kiln-type deal. These look fun, like the plastic Shrinky Dinks of old.

  2. Tanita, we were doing this at the crafts store and then left them there to be fired in the kiln. I suspect that when I pick them up that the glass will have melted in interesting ways that may or may not be lovely. I suspect that my daughter's will be much nicer since she was more restrained with the glass.